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Dark Hall Press – subsidiary of New Street Communications, LLC –  is a boutique publisher of superior Horror and SciFi literature. We do not publish very many books, but those that we do are among the best out there. We publish in paper, Kindle and audio editions.

Editorial Director W.J. Renehan is both an editor and writer of Horror fiction and SciFi, and is author of The Art of Darkness: Meditations on the Effect of Horror Fiction. Distinguished Lovecraft scholar Robert H. Waugh (author of The Monster in the Mirror: Looking for H.P. Lovecraft and A Monster of Voices: Speaking for H.P. Lovecraft) has called this book “a comprehensive and concise account of the various theories of Horror. … A fine introduction to the field. …But [the book] is more than theory; it also shares with the reader the weird pleasure we take in the field.”


W.J. Renehan portrait by Jim Dieffenbacher.

Use the form below to contact Renehan in order to query regarding manuscript submissions, and as well if you would like to submit your published book for review in our blog.