Sixth Anniversary – FREE and reduced Kindle book prices!

Welcome to Dark Hall Press, a quality horror fiction publisher and reviewer. It is a happy coincidence that this week of horror promotion (thanks to Sam Missingham at Horror Lounge) coincides with the run-up to the sixth anniversary of our founding on this Halloween. We are pleased to join our fellow publishers, authors, and fans in celebrating the great horror tradition, and all things that go bump in the night. While you’re here, be sure to check out our growing list of horror reviews featuring some of the newest and most promising writers in the field. AND: don’t forget to take a look at our exciting list of available titles – all Kindle editions will be available for free or reduced prices (in the UK) during this week – 25th through 31st!

Our flagship offering is the sci-fi/horror sensation EXOSKELETON by Shane Stadler. Critically acclaimed and wildly popular, this book will have you sleeping with the lights on. (Its sequel is also available.) Our other novels include the vampire origin tale The Bloodline: Birth of the Vampir by Rod Garcia and Shaun McGinnis, the post-apocalyptic thriller The Darkest Touch by Joseph Sale, the haunting Whisper by Michael Bray, and the spine chilling Night’s Harbor by W.J. Renehan. If your tastes tend toward short fiction, you should try Coldwood: The Haunted Man and Other Tales by A.M. Shine, Over the Bridge by Lisamarie Lamb, Shades and Divinations by W.J. Renehan, Dark Corners – Twelve Tales of Terror by Michael Bray, and our three themed anthologies: Ghost, Cosmic, and Technohorror.

Thanks for checking out Dark Hall Press! Happy reading!

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