Review: Fatal Journeys by Lucy Taylor

Revenants, demon lovers, shape-shifters, sacrificial rituals — Fatal Journeys is a terrifying collection full of twisted surprises.

Taylor’s writing style is sensual and worldly, lush with natural beauty. From the frozen north to the sweaty depths of the tropics, the settings become characters of their own: a town in Japan steeped in tradition, a seedy tourist stop in Thailand, a desolate plateau in Iceland, a sweltering Death Valley.

While there are indeed supernatural elements here, they are merely a means of more deeply exploring  the horrors of the human condition. Greed, lust, jealousy, illness, physical abuse, predatory behavior — the dark reaches of the soul are plotted with haunting vision.

All the stories are great, but a few standouts for me include the bone chilling “Soul Eaters”,  “The Butsudan”, “Nikishi”, “Going North”, and “Wingless Beasts”.

Thanks to Ms. Taylor for passing this along. It was a real treat – definitely one worth checking out.


Review Written by W.J. Renehan.



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