Review: Peel Back the Skin

A deep, dark dive into the bitter moat of the soul.

Peel Back the Skin offers fifteen tales of physical and spiritual degradation that shed terrible light on the darkest reaches of the reader’s psyche. Here the line between justice and revenge is blurred, the guilty and the innocent alike executing their black designs. Unreliable narrators take us down twisted, hallucinatory paths toward terrible ends, where the natural and the supernatural comingle. Friends and family are revealed for the monsters they truly are underneath. Love in extremis turns to obsession and mutilation. And the ancient struggle between good and evil comes down to a repetitious game of cat and mouse.

The collection presents a menagerie of voices and styles, each contributor clearly at the top of his/her game. This is the second anthology I’ve devoured from the folks at Grey Matter Press, and it did not disappoint.

Authors include: Jonathan Maberry, Tim Lebbon, Lucy Taylor, Ed Kurtz, Durand Sheng Welsh, Joe McKinney, Graham Masterton, William Meikle, John McCallum Swain, James Lowder, Charles Austin Muir, Nancy A. Collins, Yvonne Navarro, Ray Garton, and Erik Williams. Find links to their author profiles/collected works listed under contributors on the book’s Amazon page.

Review Written by W.J. Renehan

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